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the typos. is julia frink here? we have julia frink and then zachary marks. >>> thank you. my name is julia frink. i have been a resident of san francisco since 1994. i run a dog care service, here since 1999. and i'm very interested in this position because i would like my voice and the voice of my customers and people who i'm involved in and their dogs involved in my life to have a voice somewhere within the community, the dog community. i'm very passionate about taking care of dogs and animals, and there's been a lot of legislations that have passed recently or the big dog legislation. and i felt my voice was unheard. i could not get a response from my supervisor because my business is larger than many businesses. i'd like to be a voice for that, for larger services. many of the dog -- >> can you be specific about which dog legislation? >>> the one that's going into effect in january 2013. >> are you talking about the dog walkers? >>> yes, the dog walkers. i am a professional dog walker, dog care, i do other things, pet sitting, boarding as well. and i just felt that i had no place to ha
. julia good rich participated in a fund-raiser 51 floors up, hanging out, litterally, in las vegas. >> perfect. >> reporter: yes, i am. >> going over the edge. >> reporter: it's called over the edge for a reason. >> i've never done this before. >> reporter: two ropes, one harness, gloves, helmet, and a willing repeller, that's me. >> i just want to kind of stay like this. but now what do i need to do? >> reporter: raise $1 now and get hooked on to -- $1,000 and get hooked on to a rope and allowed to step over the edge, raising money for special olympic athletes, to keep their sports programs going if the bay area. what do you think of this event today? >> it's great! i love it! >> reporter: in the hardest part for me, leaning back and letting go. >> i'm going past someone's room right now. do they know? >> the athletes watched as i repelled down 51 floors, 350 feet down. some athletes have done this. >> i was nervous. >> reporter: they say it's simple, squeeze the lever, and down you go. >> okay. i can see myself. >> reporter: i tried to get my mind off looking down by looki
fractionally lower today. google under pressure, the story of the day. let's get to julia boorstin as we await this conference call for google. julia, over to you. >> that's right, maria. as we await google's conference call, i want to point out that facebook shares ended down 4.5% today. this is very much tied to google's disappointing earnings because they share the same problem. fast adoption of mobile devices is slowing their growth. that's because both companies charge less for mobile ads, are making less money from mobile ads as they are from ads on the desk top. mobile ads are still a relatively new ad format for both google and microsoft. both companies have a lot to do in this area. the fact their users are spending so much more time on mobile devices is bad news for the bottom line. we saw with google that the cost per click was down 15% from a year earlier. it does seem like a lot of this can be tied back to that mobile growth. so fast mobile growth, slow revenue growth. maria? >> all right. thank you so much. facebook down 4.5%. great insights there. more on the story of the hour.
. >>> welcome back. breaking news on disney right now. let's go to julia boorstin to broke the deal. julia. >> that's right, marimaria. disney is acquiring private lucas firm for $4 billion. i spoke to bob iger about why he wanted to make this deal. he said it really made sense considering the long-lasting relationship between george lucas and disney. disney does plan to release its "star wars" episode seven feature film in 2015. here's what bob iger had to spap. >> we expect this is only going to be slightly dilutive for the first two years. in year three, the year we release the star wars film. >> any other projections? >> well, this is a very exciting opportunity for us. again, there isn't anything like this out there, really. we're extremely excited about it. we're also honored to have the opportunity to continue george's great legacy. >> iger told me there's a massive outset here if licensing opportunitying. he said the consumer products is roughly the same as marvel's was when disney acquired marvel oalo for about $4 billion back in 2009. now, i have to point out, he's not just buyin
. >> also results of the spanish bond auction. julia is in madrid. >> thanks, beccy. expect to go well despite relatively chunky 4 billion euros at the top end. we will bring you all the latest after the break. >>> waiting on spain. ecb expected to hold steady on rates when central bankers meet today. the country's president tells cnbc that europe's policymakers must remain focused. >> about if we get bogged down discussion of what was hent by the june agreements and waste time on this kind of discussion, then it's much less likely that a company here represent system will emerge. >> madrid continues to put its faith in the hands of private investors. sfi nance minister heads to london. and the government gets set to take another swing at boosting it through foreign investments. >> we're looking at small declines. eibexle holding up relatively well. remember, we do have the ecb and the boe decision coming out a little bit later on today. so there will clearly be a reaction to anything we get out there. yields in spain, 5.86%. in addition to the ecb issue, there's also the issue of if a
me call a couple more names, benjamin, tim frank, julia sullivan, shawn mcgery, and jonathan yorba. >> good morning, commissions and san franciscans, it is my honor and joy to stand here before you today in support of this transit project, for one of the buildings will house our very own san francisco mexican museum, an unprecedented state of the art facility that will cement san francisco as a truly first-rate international cultural capital. >> thank you, can you tell us your name. >> my name is benjamin basciera. the shadows are connected to this project, especially the mexican museum, as my friend and i were discussed right now, the mayans and aztecs studied the sun in depth and understood shadows intensely, the mexican museum will house art work and artifacts that pay respect to these important shadows. now, i want to say a little bit about myself, i am born and raised here in san francisco, i am a product of the power of our diverse arts, for me, it was first graffiti art and then the mission murals that led me to the harmony of drawing for myself. currently, because of art an
from julia. she documented her weight loss. lost half her body weight and created an art project called half, where she took nude photos of herself. well, people are looking at them and commenting on them, and they've become a sort of viral hit. full body shots of her showing the toll that losing weight has taken on her body. >> it's got people talking about weight-loss. >> definitely held nothing back. bared it all. >> tell us how she did it and why we have julia "right this minute" via skype. i guess i'm not the first person to ask you why, what i'm going to ask you is, do you feel brave for what you did? >> it all became really normal. taking control behind and in front of the camera, i'm at peace with it. i feel like it's out there and it is what it is. >> was this at all therapeutic for you? >> most definitely, yes, behind-the-scenes before anyone had seen them, talk to myself about what was going on, putting it out there and having people say, i went through this, too. you feel not alone. that was the point of bringing it out. >> reactions or impact that you didn't expect? >> i di
lovely ladies with you. yes. >> get the introductions in. >> linda and julia. >> how did you overcome cancer? >> nothing prepares you for the word you have breast cancer. you feel like you have lost control of your body and you long for something that is -- that is good. exercise and specifically pilates was treatment for you. >> that is the course that you teach. what did you notice so special about julia that would help her persevere? >> she had a determination that she was going to beat this from the beginning. even on the days when she didn't feel good from treatments, she was still always there. she would hang in there no matter what. she has a positive attitude. that's the key, the attitude. >> positivity goes a long way. we are positive we are all going to take something out of this lesson today. you are going to demonstrate. let's look at video of pilates and how beneficial it is. >> steve, you want to jump in here? >> i'd love to. exercising releases endor fins into the brain. blood circulates into the muscles. it's a healing process. not only are you physically healing yours
at the markets as we get up in your business. julia is live for us in london morning. hey, julia. >>> good morning. as you said, strong performance from facebook after trading yesterday, up over 12%. despite reporting a loss. the key focus was on the revenues an they beat expectations, jumping by around a third in the period, $150 million coming from mobile adverts. investors are demanding that facebook find alternative ways to boost growth. this stock has lost around half of its value since it listed just under six months ago. i'll stick with the tech sector, apple, the other big story. they launched their widely anticipated ipad mini yesterday. it's combined to complete with rival products with the likes of amazon and google. the price was the problem. that sent the stock down over 3%. it comes in at over $100 more expensive than those rival products. yes, apple has a large selection of apps, content but the question is does this pricing mean they have -- it allows their rivals to increase their market share? good news, though, apple enthusiasts, it will be on the market by christmas. >>
this year. chief operating officer sheryl sandberg just spoke exclusively to our own julia boorstin at the company's future. julia joins me with the highlights from the facebook headquarters in new york. julia, over to you. >> marimaria, sheryl sandberg s facebook has changed since its ipo, showing investors this is a company to bid on for the long haul, trying to find revenue from more different places on facebook. priority number one is building facebook's advertising revenue to turn around decelerating growth. >> already in the last couple months you've seen us roll out products pretty aggressively. we rolled out facebook exchange, custom audiences, new mobile ad formats, revamped our offers. all of these do one thing, which is they help make ads more targeted, more useful, and more effective for marketers on facebook. >> reporter: and it's not just advertising, sandberg tells me the company's looking at new potential businesses, like social search and e-commerce on the heels of last week's big announcement of a test of facebook gifts. and she revealed an entirely new area for gr
better than expected. julia boorstin has more on the quarter that we are just learning about, even though the stock is down 4%. what can you tell us right now? stay with me, rick. i want to get your take on what's going on in terms of the headlines behind these actual numbers. julia. >> maria, just going through the earnings here. the earnings look like they're a penny better than expected. 12 cents per share. looking at the operating margin, the non-gap operating margin is coming in at 42%. that's down from 51% in the year earlier quarter. one thing i know analysts have been focused on is the advertising business. revenue from advertising was $1.09 billion. that represented 86% of total revenue and also a 36% increase from the same quarter last year, excludeing foreign exchange rates. advertising revenue would have been up by 43%. looking back at q-2, at the prior quarter, advertising in q-2 only increased 28% over a year earlier. so it actually looks like facebook is starting to accelerate that advertising revenue growth again, which is very important for the company. now, on the other
each candidate, it would open with julia brownley and then tony strickland. then it was which and begin with tony strickland and close with julia brownley. and i will present questions. there will be, if needed, ever bottle no longer than 30 seconds. we will start and rotate the questions back and forth from the panel and the two candidates. please turn off your cellphone. this is about education. it is not a political rally. we would appreciate it if you could hold applause, and comments to the end. if you would like to submit questions, there is a stupid in the back who can collect them, and bring them. there are no live questions. cell phones off. what more can you want? there will be a few people arriving late. we will try to keep that to a minimum. we are delighted at your enthusiasm and interest in the campaign. it speaks volumes about the importance of this particular campaign. we are absolutely delighted and thankful to both of the candidates. it is not easy, what they are doing. that having been said, the order in which we will do the questions will be timm herdt, then henry du
hammering out the details at a summit in brussels. julia chatterley has been there and she joins us with all of the details. and i'll just point out, it seems the only agreement is who will accept the nobel prize. >> yeah, but there's not been an agreement on how many will actually turn up to accept that prize. so that remains an open question. we did agree there would be a legal framework in place, but merkel says even that getting in place is highly ambitious. no further talk about just which backs will be eligible to be recapitalized. so questions remain. merkel suggested that there would be differentiation between the banks. some would be directly overseen by the ecb, and some would be indirectly. so perhaps no prizes for guessing where the german savings banks will fall. but we also had discussion about the idea of a eurozone budget and it looks as though based on what germany was saying, this would be proper correct based. so a more broader stabilization than they envisioned. so perhaps a bit of negotiation going on between the german and the french there. i asked the swedish prime min
. >> and facebook's stock is up 30% from the july lows. >>> and julia boorstin with a sitdown with facebook's cheryl sandberg. >>> futures ant rise and the fourth quarter gets under way. major indices coming off a third quarter that was their best quarterly performance in two years. but there's a lot for wall street to digest this week waiting for today's monetary policy speech from bernanke. and the big jobs number is coming up on friday. it's been said that q3 was characterized by expectations from central banks, that we got what we wanted and that's not necessarily going to be the picture for this quarter. >> you're fighting worldwide feds. if you don't like the market, i understand expectations lowered along with estimates lowered. all you have to do is beat estimates even if they're lowered and you have the various feds behind you. still got a good market. >> evans this morning on "squawk" is few moments ago saying he'd like to see twist go all the way through 2013. there are things the fed could do that they have not yet done. >> this fed is fighting the word. the war collateral, not damage bu
losses on wall street. let's check in with julia. she joins us with more on that. she has the rest of the business headlines, too. julia? >> good morning to you, barbara. stroks a waivering in and out of negative territory. now, they are all marginally lower. financials despite a pair of positive economic reports. right now, we have the dow and the nasdaq and s&p 500 down by a fraction of a percentage point. gep expanded at a 2% annual rate according to the commerce department. it's up from 1.3% growth. in other positive news, consumer sentiment rose in october. the reading was slightly below the preliminary reading and shy of expectations. on the earnings front, apple's outlook fell short of forecast and third quarter ipad sales disappointed. amazon reported their first quarterly net loss in more than five years. dragged down in part by the slowdown in europe. the dow component merck topped. for wrc, i'm julia. >> thanks so much. >> the whole movement -- meeting again and again in different lives. >> past, present and future collide. they run into each other in different lives. it
imagine. >> reporter: julia was having contracts at the medical center when the power went out and the back-up generator failed. her husband was getting something to eat. >> i walked to the cafeteria, blackout. >> reporter: he couldn't see the storm, but could hear it. >> the hurricane was battering the hospital. everything was shaking. i heard a crazy rushing of water sound coming off the fdr to first avenue and the hospital. the basement was flooded. the ground floor was flooded. >> reporter: back in the delivery room, julia was having powerf fuful contracts. >> they were 30 seconds apart. it was painful. >> it was insane. >> he struck in and helped doctors give his wife an epidural in the dark. >> i was holding a cell phone above her putting in the i.v. and epidural. >> the hospital evacuated julia and the other patients. >> they took her off the bed, got her on a sled and proceeded to slide her really slowly down eight flights of stairs. there was a lot of screaming going on. there were about six people with newborns, like a group of six people, an oxygen tank and other med
under 2%, 1.77%. keep in mind it's an extremely strong market day and julia boorstin is following the story and she'll have more, this particular motion which calls if an independent chairman which failed, there were others on the docket, as well, and she'll have an update for you. >> time to analyze this. there's a lot going on with citi, other action on wall street, a food seller, cigarette seller and watch seller. let's start with kroger. upgrading to buy from hold. market share gains have accelerated. the firm raising it price target to 30 bucks. you like it? >> i do. they gain market share when competitors weren't. they used gasoline as a loss leader to get people in to the stores. but it's had two rallies. it rallied this morning and when they raised guidance. >> let's move on to wells fargo getting bullish on tobacco stocks. gn new port menthol volume growth up but not as feared. >> it's ironic we're talking about it today because in russia, they just talked about it. pays about 5.5% dividend. i'd look to sell some of the puts that expire in about a month. >> and let's move
in this country. so with me now is julia crawford. one of the landowners fighting the pipeline. julia, thank you for coming the program. we appreciate it. why are you against this pipeline? we will illuminated some of the reasons there but i understand another one they're trying to take your property by eminent domain? >> right, melissa. in texas, if an entity is labeled as a common carrier, it means it is a pipeline they can take land because it is for the public good and doing something for the good of every man. we don't believe transcanada qauflts as common carrier under texas statutes. and in court we've been able to --. melissa: i want to drill down on that. why do you think it is not for the common good? because it is bringing a lot of oil to the u.s., that would be gasoline for everybody. so seems like it is for the common good? >> i think that is the misconception. basically what the keystone xl pipeline is through-put from canada to houston and probably outside the united states. there is no guaranty and transcanada has been asked to prove it, there is no guaranty the fuel will stay in
they go through technology transition if that's the path they choose? >> all right. let's get you to julia boorstin with more headlines coming out quickly now on yahoo!. over to you, julia. >> as you mentioned, earnings per share coming at 35 cents. that's significantly better than expected. the year ago number was just 23 cents and wall street was expecting 25 cents per share. revenue did grow more than expected. it was expected to grow just 1%. it grew 2% to $1.09 billion. looking at the two significant chunks of yahoo!'s business, one is search and other is display ads. the company says display ad revenue was a 1% higher than last year and that the search revenue showed an 11% increase. that shows sort of where that search revenue is coming from and where that increase is coming from. gap search revenue was 1% increase. there are no forward looking statements here in this earnings report. there is a quote from marissa mayer saying we're taking important steps to position yahoo! for long-term success that we're focused on quality and improving the user experience. there will be questions
mobile advertising space. has the social network finally figured out how to make money in mobile? julia boorstin joins us from california. hi, julia. >> hi, sue. well, it does seem to have figured mobile out. i'll tell you how ceo mark zuckerberg plans to turn facebook's biggest challenge into its biggest potential opportunity after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> the smasht genertock market is the best place to have money. >>> to technology now. what do you know? you actually can make money on mobile. check out shares of facebook. right now up $4 on the d
strategists in the next half hour for a preview. plus a cnbc exclusive, julia boars sten catching up with sheryl sandberg. including just how many people put everything about themselves online. >> does it scare that you you've helped create a generation of oversharers? >> i think what we give is people the ability to share what they want. what is one person's ridiculous oversharing is another person's regular day and we build technology that lets users share what they want to share and that's tremendously exciting. >> julia will join us with more of that conversation coming up at 7:30. and we'll find out why craig barrett is not a facebook fan. and in sports news, yes, europe has retained the ryder cup. staging a comeback after the u.s. began sunday with a big lead. europe has won five of the last six matches. this was a heartbreak for anyone watching this. we'll talk more about that a little later this half hour. but first before we get to all of that, andrew has this morn g morning's other top stories. >> we have global data this morning and not all of it that great. eurozone manu
patients, some adults and even babies in critical condition to other facilities, including julia alamone, who pregnant and in labor had to be carried down several flights of stairs. >> this couldn't get any worse, i wouldn't know what to do. where do we go? she's having powerful contractions every 30 seconds. they took her off the bed, got her on this med sled, and proceeded to slide her really slowly down eight flights of stairs. >> reporter: they were told they would have to evacuate to mt. sinai medical center, four miles away. everyone was in dark, and julia in severe pain. >> just closing my eyes. breathing, having positive thoughts. >> i was holding a cell phone above her while they were putting in the iv and epidural. >> reporter: with all of lower manhattan in the dark, the evacuation was that much more challenging. hundreds of staff and emergency crews pitched in, and it took them all night to get everyone out. hospital officials had discharged hundreds of patients last weekend in advance of the storm. officials are still investigating the cause of the generator failure. rehema
facilities. including julia, who pregnant and in labor, had to be carried down several flights of stairs. >> i wouldn't know what to do. where do we go. she's having contractions every 30 seconds. they took her off the bed, got her on this med flight and proceeded to slide her really slowly down eight flights of stairs. >> reporter: they were told they would have to evacuate to mount sinai medical center. everyone was in the dark and julia is in severe pain. >> just closing my eyes, breathing, having positive thoughts. >> i was holding a cell phone above her while they were putting in the i.v. and epidural. >> reporter: with all of lower manhattan in the dark, the evacuation was all the more challenging. hundreds pitched in and it took them all night to get everyone out. hospital officials had discharged hundreds of patients last weekend in advance of the storm. officials are still investigating the cause of the generator failure. >> that's unbelievable. using the light of a cell phone to light the epidural. a member of the hospital's board there at nyu says the generators are not, quote
who came through and all those who are saying thank you to them tonight. >> reporter: new mom julia, her husband duran and their new baby, micah, letting us know today, they're okay. >> hey, david. as you can see, we're doing great. really happy. >> reporter: and like so many people today, they wanted just one thing. to say thank you. to the quiet samaritans, the nurses, who simply were doing their jobs and became the real heroes of the hurricane. julia was in labor, having contractions inside that nshg hospital that went dark, lost power when the generators gave out. desperate for an epidural in the darkness, a husband held a cell phone light as nurses went to work. >> so, i was standing, one of those flip phones, and i was holding it above her while she was putting in the iv and making sure there was enough light for the doctors behind her. >> reporter: they were rushed out of the hospital, taken away in an ambulance. when they said they were headed to mt. sinai hospital, he said, how do you get there? part of a tree came crashing down on the ambulance. they got there, and 40 minu
wealth editor robert frank looks at the impact. let's start with julia on just how bad it is. >> it certainly looks lime game over after the company announced disappointing third quarter results. zynga shares are trading at new all-time lows. they were off more than 20% earlier today, though they have bounced back a bit. the problem here is that users are shifting away from social games to mobile apps and new titles like chefville and the 'ville are falling short of expectations. they've even pushed into mobile games but it's costly. they're writing off between 85 million and $95 million associated with that acquisition. because facebook drew 14% of its revenue from zynga in the first half of the year, this news today sent facebook's stock down over 2%. analysts have all lowered their estimates for facebook's payments revenue based on zynga's warning. in a blog, ceo mark pinkus wrote about zynga's potential in online games, but he acknowledged he needs to do some cuts. >> thank you so much, julia. before we get to robert frank, let's point out the dow jones industrial average
of julia. on president obama's website, the notion -- and, by the way, it was not the life of bob -- please, take that into account. it was the life of julia to suggest women in particular need the hand of government from cradle to grave reaching down and helping us so we can achieve some level of happiness, some -- but without the government, we can't do it. by the way, there's no man in the life of julia. she had a child, and, poof, had a child, but the man was nowhere to be seen. i guess it's the fish, you know, bicycle thing, gloria thing. again and again stephanie cutter, couple weeks ago, associate of obama, adviser to obama said women are not concerned about what happened over the last four years. i beg to differ. we are really concerned about what's happened over the last four years. i was particularly appalled at something on obama's website, i think it was last week, came down quickly after the outrage by conservatives, but this whole notion of support this administration, quote, "like your lady parts depend on it." that was on our president's website. it was a cartoon. you can fi
as we are words of the state or we should be. a prime example of a life of julia. on president obama's website the notion -- by the way it wasn't the life of bald, take that into account, it was julia to suggest that women in particular need the hand of government from cradle to grave reaching down and helping us so we can achieve some level of happiness. but without the government, we can't do it. by the way there is no man in the life of julia. she had a child that the man was nowhere to be seen. it's the selfish bicycle fame. again, and again, stephanie a couple weeks ago, an associate of obama and adviser to obama said women are not concerned over what happened in the last four years. i beg to differ. we are really concerned about what's happened over the last four years. i was particularly appalled at something that was on obama's website i think last week that can come quickly after the outrage by conservatives but this whole notion of support, this administration and sorry it's rude, support this administration, quote, like your lady parts dependent to read that was on our pre
to julia boorstin. we have breaking news on zynga. over to you. >> yes, maria. we're getting their earnings. they broke even. zero cents nernings per share. that's in line with expectations. revenue looks a little stronger than expected. revenue of $317 million. that's up 3% year over year. wall street was expecting $256 million in revenue. the key thing here with zynga is going to be guidance. it looks like the guidance is coming in a little bit light. bookings are projected to be in the range of 1.09 billion to 1.1 billion. with zynga, we're going to have to continue to dig through the numbers. obviously zynga stock has been suffering on the fact it's cut 5% of its work force. it is ending 13 of its games. we're going to continue to look at the numbers. back to you. >> all right. stick with us. still a lot more to come on this jam-packed edition of the "closing bell." >>> coming up, banking on meredith. financial sector guru meredith whitney talks exclusively to maria about how to play the banks moving into the fourth quarter. >>> and updated status. why has one prominent tech investor wh
shares of facebook expired monday. today is the first day the shares can be traded. julia boorstin is live in los angeles with what happened. julia? >> that's right, bill. it's a big day for facebook employees, the first time they've been able to sell their shares, the lockup expired on 229 million shares of facebook stock, sending facebook more than 5% lower earlier today on the flood of shares with greater than average volume, though the shares have pulled back and recovered a little bit. now down about 3.5%. now one reason the stock hasn't dropp dropped, on growing mobile revenue giving the stock its biggest one-day boost last wednesday. the biggest lockup expiration in two weeks, 777 million shares will be available to sell. we have to watch and see what happens. back over to you. >> julia, thank you very much. as we start to close out the first trading day post hurricane sandy the month of october is being put in to the stocks relatively flat. the impact of sandy could have a far reaching impact. >> steve liesman back at headquarters following that part of the story. gentlemen
. there you see, up 7 cents at $20.58. major shake-up at the. company's board. julia boorstin in los angeles has details. julia? >> tyler, roger enrico previously chairman and ceo of pepsico has resigned as chairman of dreamworks animations board. that's a role he's held since the company went public in 2004. he's been replaced by melody hobson, a fellow board member. she also sits on the boards of starbucks and et ta lauder este. she's also a frequent contributor to cnbc. on a personal note, she and george lucas have been dating for five years. legendary producer/director, now ceo of lucas film is a long-time friend of dreamworks animation's ceo jeffrey katzenburg. we've reached out but they have not responded. >> thank you, julia boorstin. >>> ceos fighting back against the paralysis caused by the looming fiscal cliff. some are even willing to pay more taxes in exchange for spending cuts. how will all of this play out with just a handful of weeks left before that deadline? answers now from one of wall street's biggest dealmakers, chairman and founder of casablanca capital. great to have yo
on apple with a new music service. julia boorstin has been following the story and she has some details for us. >> reporter: well, microsoft's biggest bet on music yet is part of a plan for an entertainment ecosystem to compete with apple and amazon as it builds on its popular xbox brand. xbox music is four different services with a global catalog of 30 million songs. perhaps most important, the xbox and computers and tablets with the latest windows software will have access to free streaming of any song with occasional ads. the free streaming service competes with spotify's basic service, xbox music store competes with apple's itunes, along with google and amazon's music stores. a $10 monthly subscription service is similar to spotify's, and xbox's music spart e iic sm create customized play lists like pandora. >> today there isn't a single service that can do it all in one. with xbox music we're the first and only mainstream service that gives you free music streaming plus download to own plus music subscription. >> he says his bundling xbox music and windows in order to make its gadg
here on cnbc. julia boorstin one on one with facebook's chief operating officer cheryl sandberg, live at facebook headquarters. >> facebook stock is down over 40% since its may ipo. cheryl sandberg will tell us coming up how facebook is changing -- after the break. tridion safety cell andy which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too. [ man ] the receivables. [ male announcer ] michelin knows it's better for xerox to help manage their finance processing. so they can focus on keeping the world moving. with xerox, you're ready for real business. with the blackish-blue frame and the white dots and the splattered paint pattern, your lights are on. what? [ male announcer ] the endlessly customizable 2013 smart. >>> nasdaq and russell negative but the dow is much higher by triple digits right now
't know how she moves around so quickly from place to place, but from athens to madrid, here is julia. >> thanks very much, ross. you just have to bear with me if i make another freudian slip on greece versus spain. but right now, what we heard from the government over the weekend was that their deficit will be on target at 6.3%. but if you include the bank aid as you mentioned, 7.4%. they did make great pains to point out that european commission officials have not asked them to make any adjustments to reduce that number, but the question has to be asked what happens if they don't meet the deficit target of 6.3%. many analysts are expecting them to come in around 7% in terms of the target for this year. day take last week actually showed that the central government deficit came in just around 4.3% up to august. how, the full year target is 4.5% and then we're not even bringing in the regions. historical data suggests the situation doesn't tend to improve into year end, so we could be in a situation perhaps where if we see a request from aid from spain over the next month or so, we be
a few blocks away from the? called julia's home. the family says that they were never told she was missing. inspite of her history of trying to escape, she had been gone for about three hours when she was found. the coroner said that he could have been a factor in her -- that heat could have been a factor in her death. >>> the murder trial of estiban is underway. prosecutors blame a jealous rage for prompting her to kill her former friend. inspite of the evidence, they said that it will not prove that she committed murder. >>> now, the man accused of carrying out a mass shooting in oakland are on hold. the 43-year-old's lawyer is questioning his mental competency. at a hearing today, the judge ordered two psychiatrists to examine him and report their findings next month. he's accused of killing seven people at the university last april. >>> now, the body of one of two missing fishermen have washed ashore in the san mateo county coast. the men were on board of the 18-foot fishing boat capsized off pigeon point. the second man is still missing. neither were wearing life just abou
by about 1,000 people, including bereaved families. australian prime minister julia gillard was also in attendance. tourists from australia made up the largest portion of foreign victims. >> we will hold fast to that which remains, to our determination of a free people to explore the world unbowed by fear, to our resolve to defeat terrorism, and to our duty to care for each other. >> reporter: the bombing took place one year after the september 11th terrorist attacks in the u.s. the incident pressed the indonesian government to demonstrate to its people and the international community its determination to confront extremist groups. indonesian police determined that the bomb attack had been the work of southeast asia-based terrorist network jamaah islamiyah. police investigation led to the capture of hups of suspects with some killed in gunfights. in 2008, three convicts, including a bomber, were executed. speaking at the ceremony, which was covered by the international media, the indonesian foreign minister underlined that the majority of the muslims in the country are moderates who
respect for julia morgan [speaker not understood]. but one time i wrote a piece that i guess through the force of karma appeared in the chronicle, i forget which, from the hurst papers. i've got a number of pieces. it was called between the bridges of the sun and of the moon. and it was inspired by ching yee who wrote a book called the silent traveler in san francisco. i wonder if ching yee could come back and see now a building that as the prior speaker said, quote, will dominate the skyline. it will be the height of twin peaks. i verified that with joshua right before i spoke to you. and that's without the funicular. with it it's even taller. * than twin peaks. is that the right size and scale for san francisco? or would that building be more appropriate in manhattan? i would like to request that this project be killed and not seen the light of day on behalf of the citizens of san francisco who have been here for years and who do not wish to see, as i've read some of the reports, that the views of the east bay and other parts of the city will be blocked by this building, the heigh
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